Anselmo “PIPOQUEER” Taveira Wins $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR


Brazil posted a solid 19th consecutive PokerStars event on Monday. In the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR competition, Anselmo “PIPOQUEER” Taveira defeated 2,631 opponents for the title and $12,801 in prize money.

Hafez Barham also landed on the page. In the tiebreaker of the $22 Mini Sunday Million, the owner of the Vila Tigrão GO account took home the silver medal and $8,090.

In the $109 Bounty Builder competition, Caio Pessagno was first out of 352 entrants, a feat that netted him $7,743.

In the $109 Fenomeno race, Germano “germanow” Neto finished on the podium with $5,104 in prize money. There were 268 participants in the tournament.

Still on the site, Diogo “khalifaman00” Brombim shouted $162 in the Bounty Builder and won $4,324.


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