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Jostad wins in historic trio against Ivey and Chidwick

Jostad wins in historic trio against Ivey and Chid...

Three of the World’s Best Poker Players Play an Incredible 3-Hand at the Triton Super High Roller Series in LondonEvent 0 #3: $40,000 7-Hand Mystery Bounty. Fate eventually pointed its finger at Espen Jorstad and declared him the winner despite being one of the short stacks on the final day.

“That was the craziest three-point shot I’ve ever hit,” Jostad said shortly after winning his first career Triton title. “Legends on the left, legends on the right”, the 35-year-old Norwegian described his first impressions after his win.

The European is the last man standing after a mystery bounty tournament with 133 entrants ($2,660,000) That leaves the finalists: Jostad with the talented Steven Chidwick and what many consider the greatest player of all time Phil Ivey together.

The stacks were very tight, with every player being the leader and short stack multiple times, and a series of doubles kept things going until late into the night.

Jorstad raised more than once from nearly two big blinds, and he eventually beat Chidwick for third, before knocking out Ivey in heads-up play. Ivey missed out on becoming a four-time champion and Jorstad took home $639,000.

Champion Espen Jorstad

Champion Espen Jorstad

Technically, half of the $5.32 million prize pool has yet to be cashed. This Monday, the Mystery Bounty Envelope will draw a $400,000 jackpot, with at least $40,000 in bounties lurking inside. Jorstad owns five of them, so at least another $200,000 in coverage.

There were 38 survivors at the start of the day, but only 8 seats at the final table, meaning players like Nacho Barbero< (the only one to play in the ITM Latino player with 38,600 greens), Elton Tsang and Ben Heath failed to recover enough to make it to the final.

Jostad’s Victory

Back to the foursomes, the back four made it fast to the dinner break as Johannes Straver hit a 69 BB to lead ahead of Ivey (35), Jostad (19) and Chidwick (10)). However, in an exciting and never-ending race, the lead began to shift.

In fact, Ivey was almost eliminated, but the final confrontation with Straver brought him back to relative fitness. Then Dutchman Straver lost a pair of nines to American Ivey’s Jack, This time Straver is over and he now wins $236,500.

Drawing in front 3-H Jorstad Ivy started to put pressure on Chidwick. Despite being only 10-5, Chidwick was ultimately forced to defend his big blind against Jostad’s charge.

Ivey sat back with 28 BB against Jostad’s 17 BB after this huge three-handed scramble. Things quickly changed, however, when Jostard took the lead and left Ivey in a corner. The American big man was out when he moved all-in and called with Q-5, while Jorstad lost Q-8, but they ended up splitting the pot.

However, he was out of action after a few hands. , when he went all out against K-2 against K-J, he was eliminated and nothing changed in the community.

“Heads up against the biggest legend in the game, Ivey. That’s more special from my point of view, in my opinion,” said the champ happily.


1. Espen Jostad – $639,0002. Phil Ivey, USA _ $434,9003. Stephen Chidwick_$287,0004° Johannes Straver, Netherlands – $236,5005° Eric Wasserson, USA _ $190,0006° Daniel Dvoress, Canada – $149,0007° Alek Boika, Belarus _ $111,5008° Keat Liu Chun, Malaysia _ $82,500

Jostad wins in historic trio against Ivey and Chid...

Maceiras will be in charge of Hispanic representation among the WSOP 2023 Main Event finalists.

Maceiras will be in charge of Hispanic representat...

Spanish player Juan Maceiras took his place in a field of nine players on Friday Will enter the table to determine the new session. World Championship of Poker. With 68 million in chips, the Spaniard is fifth in chips and has a strong chance of landing on the tournament podium and taking home the top prize at the cash games, with $12,100,000 reserved for the winner, as he climbs as high as he can in the marathon. event. With a massive 143,800,000 in chips, Seattle’s Adam Walton will have the advantage over all of his opponents when play starts Sunday after Saturday’s rest.

Walton will lead the tournament’s final nine contenders for Sunday’s most coveted World Series title.

This Friday, members of the $10,000 No-Limit Final Table will face off after six hours of strategic table battles. World Championship, the Main Event of the 54th AnnualWorld Series of Poker (WSOP) was held in as a horseshoe & Paris Casino is defined in Las Vegas. Iberia’s Jose Aguilera suffered a painful elimination at the end of the day, on the eighth day of the tournament, which kept him from being counted in any edition of the most coveted​​​​ Searching for bracelets. World Energy Series.

Spain’s Jose Aguilera won a $700,000 prize for his outstanding performance, finishing 10th in the tournament (Photo courtesy of

Maceiras will be in charge of Hispanic representat...

Jason Clarke, from Canada, Lifetime Main Event Director.

Jason Clarke, from Canada, Lifetime Main Event Dir...

LAS VEGAS (July 16, 2023) – Canada’s Jason Clarke is the Lifetime Main Event Champion. Just before the final table of this year’s WSOP® Main Event® began, the World Series of Poker officially named Jason Clarke its inaugural Main Event Lifetime Champion. To celebrate this year’s Main Event making the biggest event ever in history, the WSOP randomly selected Clarke from a field of 10,043 participants:

“I actually missed the first one about my win phone,”

About Jason Clarke

Clarke was born in North York, Canada, and grew up in Brampton, just outside of Toronto. While Clarke has always had an interest in poker and played it casually with childhood friends, he turned professionally at the age of 25. Now, 17 years later and 15 WSOP tournaments, he has secured his Main Event seat for life.

On July 5, he won the $19,500 Deepstack Daily Tournament, his first $10,000 buy-in win in the main event. Clark was losing heavily in the Main Event before he made any money, but he plans to use his guaranteed seat proceeds over the next 30 years by donating 5% to various charities.

When Clark is not on the mat, he spends time working as a realtor in Toronto and enjoys rooting for his favorite sports teams: the Buffalo Bills, Toronto Raptors and Maple Leafs. Fans are encouraged to follow Clarke (@jasonclarke2021) on Instagram as he begins his 30-year Main Event journey.

With all eyes on this year’s Main Event final table, the WSOP will be crowned World Champion in 2023. Monday, July 17


Jason Clarke, from Canada, Lifetime Main Event Dir...

The top 16 of the World Book Fair has been decided

The top 16 of the World Book Fair has been decided

After a week of voting on Twitter, the round of 16 of our first Book World Cup created for the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast has arrived.

The current favorite is The Biggest Bluff by Maria Konnikova, as the book won both top-vote contests. But critically acclaimed classics like “Harrington On Hold’em,” “Every Hand Revealed,” “The Mental Game of Poker,” and “Elements of Poker” are still in the running.

These are a total of 16 transitions for this round:

  • Jason Su “Poker With Presence”, Qui Nguyen “From Vietnam to Vegas!”.
  • Bill Chen’s “Math of Poker” VS Jared Tendler‘s “The Mind Game of Poker”
  • Author of “The Biggest Bluff” : MariaKonnikova VS “PKO Poker Strategy” by Dara O’ Kearney & Barry Carter
  • Chris Moreman and ByronJacobs VS Mo The Erman Book of Poker “The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King” from Michael Craig
  • Paul McGuire Lost Vegas VSGus Hansen “Every Hand Revealed”.
  • “Excelling At No-Limit Hold’em” by Jonathan Little VS “Harrington On Hold’em” by DanHarrington.
  • Tommy Angelo’s “Elements of Poker” vs Michael Acevedo’s “Modern Poker Theory”
  • Jonathan Levy Fold?” VS “The Exploitative Game in Live Poker” by Alex Fitzgerald“.

The Round of 16 will be Sunday, August 30th at 8pm on the Chasing Poker Greatness Twitter. We invite you to vote for your favorite player.

The top 16 of the World Book Fair has been decided

WSOP 2023: Nicolás Kohan Finishes 10th in 1K Mini Main Event

WSOP 2023: Nicolás Kohan Finishes 10th in 1K Mini...

On Day 2 of the WSOP 2023 Event #74 Mini Main Event 1K yesterday, Nicolás Kohan was the 10th Argentine who traveled the farthest.

The tournament attracted 5,257 players who paid a $1,000 entry fee to play in the same structure as the Main Event 10K, but with 30-minute blinds. The prize pool is $4,678,730 to be shared among the top 789 entrants.

With only 10 players left, Nicolas called into the small blind, the big blind was A-10, and Q-Q was all-in. The board came 5-3-J-K-10 and Nicholas finished 10th for the biggest cash of his career: $42,012. This is his second cash prize at the 2023 WSOP, as he just finished 237th in Event 56 and won $1,276.

Ramiro Petrone

Argentinian prize money up for grabs in 2023 mini-main event:

  • Nicolás Kohan: 10th – $42,012
  • Ramiro Petrone: 19th – $21,602
  • Maximiliano Gallardo: 88th – $5,951
  • Maximiliano Gallardo: 88th – $5,951
  • Horacio Fernandez: 130th – $4,414
  • Agustín Naranja: 155th – $3,847
  • Mario Lopez: $172.- $3,847
  • Sergio De Benedictis: $258. – $2,994
  • Manuel Pochat: 263rd – $2,994 seconds
  • Thomas Umhlanga: 364th – $2,408
  • Diego Martinez: 397th – $2,408
  • Diego Martinez : No. 397 – $2,408
  • Diego Martinez
  • Gaston Gurevic: No. 484 Place – $2,001
  • Federico Roberto: 533′ – $1,751
  • Adrian Vargas: 593′ – $1,751 during the Mini Main Event Bubble

Source: WSOP .com

WSOP 2023: Nicolás Kohan Finishes 10th in 1K Mini...

Ramon Kropmmans Wins WSOP Online Circuit Championship with Gold Ring

Ramon Kropmmans Wins WSOP Online Circuit Champions...

Brazilians line up in Las Vegas even when staying in hotels. In the early hours of the morning, Ramon Kropmanns won at to claim his first WSOP Circuit gold ring. In Event 11: $2,000 NL Hold’em Super High Roller, the Midas star beat 119 opponents for $79,587.

Ramon is the only domestic player participating in the ITM competition. Throughout the tournament, he had to face a number of local pros, including Brian Altman, Alex Fox and Michael Lech. The latter is the opponent of Paranaense heads-up. Through the “miguelfiesta” account, he’s looking for his ninth WSOP Circuit title, his second of the tournament.

In 2020, Lech also won at, Event 13: $1,500 NL Hold’em high roller Freezeout won his only bracelet.

Event 11 awarded a total of $323,000 in prize money, more than double the guaranteed prize money of $150,000. Check out how much each finalist has received:

1. Ramon “Pachamama” Kropmanns (Brazil) $79,587

2. Michael “miguelfiesta” Lech (USA) $56,815

3. David “Bewater” Goodman (USA) $40,568

4. Alex “OrcinusOrca” Foxen (USA) $29,005

5. “kuanteen” (UK) $20,704

6. “ScarFaceNL” (Austria) $14,793. Joseph “Kolebear” Hebert (USA) $10,562

8. Brian “JackBogle” Altman (USA) 6,847

Ramon Kropmmans Wins WSOP Online Circuit Champions...

Jeremy Ausmus Earns Online Bracelet and Becomes WSOP Hexa

Jeremy Ausmus Wins WSOP Online Event #08 After Tou...

Jeremy Ausmus won his first career bracelet at the 2013 WSOP Europe in France. After that, he took an eight-year hiatus until he won his second gold bracelet. What he didn’t expect was that just two years later, he would become one of the rare six-time champions on the circuit. The American won a WSOP online event this morning.

Ausmus proved to have an incredible moment in Event #08 Online ($3,200 High Roller). Piloting a “ChipChecka” account, the Las Vegas resident defied 321 entrants and won a staggering $360,036, another big win for a star who already has more than $7.4 million in WSOP prize money.

Tournament is 6-handed with an elite final table. The likes of Koray Aldemir, Chance Kornuth and Ioannis Angelou Konstas were left behind until Ausmus went heads-up with grinder Christopher Castiglia. Jeremy had already built a sizeable lead and his task was simply to match Castiglia’s “short” T7 boost with KK. The board is Q63AK.

Ausmus won two bracelets in 2021 (Events #3 and #84) and two more last year, one in the traditional Vegas version (Event #23) and one online at (Event #7). Will he claim his third consecutive double in 2023?

Check the final prize pool:

1. – Jeremy Ausmus “ChipChecka” (USA) – $360,036

2. – Christopher Castiglia “Ccast93” (USA) – $224,631

3. – Ioannis Konstas “Cheeeecha” (Greece) – $151,939

4. – Chance Kornuth “BingShui” (USA) – $108,442

5. – “Cokinaalcubo” (UK) – $73,735

6. – Koray Aldemir “seatscramble” (Germany) – $53,029

Jeremy Ausmus Wins WSOP Online Event #08 After Tou...

Fraud experts analyze Martin Kabrhel case

Fraud experts analyze Martin Kabrhel case

In the WSOP 2023 most expensive poker tournament, the $250,000 Super High Roller, allegations of cheating have sparked intense controversy. Martin Kabrhel was accused of allegedly cheating at the final table of the prestigious event, Andrew Robl was the first to point it out, followed by other prominent members of the community.

Gianfranco Preverino is a magician and card fraud detection expert.

Contrary to these allegations, Kabrhel sought legal advice from the Zeisler law firm in Miami and New York and expressed his distrust of Andrew Robl, Daniel Smith, PokerGO streaming company, Chance Kornuth and Justin Bonomo. His lawyers announced they would pursue legal action for defamation. The situation has become increasingly serious.

While the allegations lack solid foundations, it is important to remember that Kabrhel was innocent until proven guilty. Cheat technologist Gianfranco Preverino analyzed the video in question but did not provide any conclusive confirmation. According to Preverino, While there was suspicious activity, the cards need to be examined for more concrete evidence.

WSOP has announced that it is investigating, despite claiming that its security logs are sound. While awaiting the results, Preverino shared some tips on possible poker cheating techniques. It’s worth noting, however, that it’s unclear whether Cabrel used any of these techniques.

“In one of the scenes, nail movement is clearly visible. Whether this happened voluntarily remains to be proven. Nail tricks are very old, with the first written evidence dating back to 1552!” the expert noted.

Martin Kabrhel ruined the map. Switching decks @WSOP

– Hugo Lemaire (@HHHUGINHO) June 19, 2023

The cards used in the tournament are from the Copag brand equipped with RFID sensors on the TV tables. While the use of fraudulent techniques has not been proven, it should be noted that most RFID cards are protected using lamination techniques. Also, these cards are fragile and may stop working when stressed.

“On the other hand, he also does it in a kind of awkward way because he can do it in a more stealthy way when looking at the cards,” Prverino added. “Instead, it’s less likely that he used special inks, which are easy to spot (with the right lens) even at close distances between him and his opponent. The need to see them so closely is only compared to the lines of a fingernail.”

Is he reading map markers or just using his x-ray vision superpower?

— Andrew Robl (@Andrew_Robl) June 18, 2023

Is he reading the markings on the cards or is he just using his x-ray vision superpower?

Preverino emphasized the importance of table bosses enforcing the rules and preventing players from accessing opponent items during play, which is both daunting and baseless. Suspect. Player behavior must be monitored to ensure the integrity of the game.

The moment he presses his index finger on the card is suspicious, but I suspect he used a special ink, as there’s no need to apply pressure to smear the ink on the card. The purpose in this case is probably to create a small indentation in a point of the card, to take advantage of the softness of the table and hope it doesn’t straighten out completely, etc. I don’t know what material the card is made of, If they were laminated together, it would be an almost useless trick “.

It is worth noting that Kabrhel has little sympathy from other poker players who consider him to be one of the toughest opponents at the table. While that doesn’t mean the allegations are baseless, it’s understandable that those who don’t like him can be quite suspicious of him.

The WSOP investigation is critical to clarifying these allegations and determining whether tournament cheating has occurred. At the same time, it is also crucial to uphold the presumption of innocence and avoid hasty judgments.

Fraud experts analyze Martin Kabrhel case

How Zeros Won the Biggest ITM of His Life

How Zeros Won the Biggest ITM of His Life

Zeros, the famous Spanish streamer, reached a major milestone in his career in May when he won the biggest prize money of his life in an online tournament. The grinder, whose real name is Elías Gutiérrez, shared his incredible feat with YouTube fans and posted a video showing how he achieved the victory.

In 2021, Zeros won the biggest award of his MTT online career. In 18 NLHE events (7-a-side), he has $750,000 guaranteed and a $5,200 buy-in, and has collected $174,000 in prize money. However, with this award, he surpassed his own record.

On Saturday, May 2, Zeros celebrated his victory with nearly 10,000 viewers on his Twitch channel, becoming champion and taking home $205,000, his new top prize in an online tournament. The Spaniard enthusiastically shared the news on his social networks, thanking all his fans for their support and love.

His 82-player, $10,300 buy-in to achieve this success required Zeros two bullets to win, beating Pax176. How did he do it? Here’s his analysis of the best hands.

VIDEO | Zeros and the biggest cash payout of his life

In addition to his tournament success, Zeros is also focusing on his poker school and improving his quality of life. He has returned to Japan and is broadcasting and sharing content on digital channels. Since his inception in 2009, Elias has grown to become one of the most influential YouTubers in Spanish-language poker. His rise has been remarkable and he is considered a poster child for the Latin American poker community.

With each new success, Zeros continues to shape the online poker world and his teachings inspire many players. His passion and dedication to the game is palpable and we will continue to monitor his future career accomplishments.

How Zeros Won the Biggest ITM of His Life

Chance Kornuth calls for Martin Kabrhel to be banned from WSOP

Chance Kornuth blames Czech ban on Martin Kabrhel'...

The WSOP discussion on Martin Kabhrel continues to add new chapters. On Tuesday (20th), Chance Kornuth decided to comment on the allegations against the Czechs.

In a lengthy post that has garnered half a million views on Twitter, the American cited “possible cheating,” “criticism” of other players and an “extremely worrying and unfair atmosphere” as arguments for the ban.

Recall that Chance paid – $250.00 0 Super High Roller to play Martin throughout the decision process in Event 40 until he finished 6th ($1,202,318). The two stood side by side.

View full text:

“Martin Kabhrel should be 100% banned. But that’s not why a lot of people think that. Over the past few days, a lot of people have asked me about the MK situation and I’ve thought about it a lot. First of all, the floor did a good job during this WSOP, checked the decks and found no cheating, so I think it’s one of two things: either Martin may be cheating in a way the security hasn’t noticed, or he’s intentionally making it look like he’s cheating to gain an advantage. Whatever it is, I guess, he should be banned from the WSOP and other high stakes tournaments. As @Andrew_Robl and others have pointed out, he has a history of cheating, which may have been a reason for the ban. He’s using this earlier version of himself to scare off the imply $250,000 buy-in because he “might be” cheating ( He suspects the $250,000 ft. of paper stuff is sticky stuff from a card from a few days ago).

He stands up and it’s almost every decision he’s been in in

Poker Hall of Famer and President of PokerGo Mori Eskandani said: “I don’t know if Martin cheated, but one thing is for sure: He created a highly disturbing and unfair atmosphere for other players. I’m not sure where the poker industry should draw the line.” One thing is for sure, Kabhrel’s constant rants, tanks and angle shots are scary for poker and he needs to be stopped. As a community, we need to do more to remove this behavior from our games. Andrew Robl and even Brazilian Alen Fillipi have spoken out against the position of the Czech Republic’s all-time wealth leader.

Remember, Martin is under investigation by the WSOP. The player has spoken out and denies all allegations. Do you think this attitude is enough to warrant a ban, or does it justify that the WSOP should ban this player from the tournament? Leave your opinion on pokerworld’s social networks.

Chance Kornuth blames Czech ban on Martin Kabrhel'...

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