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Fernandez and Rodrygo add two more Argentine titles in Rio de Janeiro

Fernandez and Rodrygo add two more Argentine title...

Argentines keep winning at the South America KSOP GGPoker, held at the Central Rio Convention Center in Barra da Tijuca Held, Rio de Janeiro. After the titles won by Ezequiel Weigl and Luciano Macchiarelli and many other outstanding performances by the Argentine, this Wednesday it is the turn Claudio Fernandez got Axel Rodrigo.

1st A celebrating Argentinian created the biggest splash when he won the massive One-Day High Roller with a buy-in of R$6,000, attracting 167 players.

Fernandez defeated Colombia’s Leonardo Tarazona in a heads-up match to win R$190,000, while the runner-up from Colombia won received a prize of R$135,000. Without a Brazilian on the podium, Mexico’s Jose Dominguez finished third, earning R$ 94,300.

Then, after a marathon 16-hour day, Rodrigo was the one to cheer, defeating Daniel Gadotti in the PLO Choice 4/5 Card Prog KO (50,700 Lei After winning the trophy and R$67,050, eight more green and yellow players won the final form.

High Roller One Day Tournament – ​​KSOPp GGPoker South America

Buy-in: R$6,000

Number of Entries: 167

Pot: 600,000 R$ GTD

Final Table

1° Claudio Fernandez – R$190,0002. Leonardo Tarazona – 135,000 R$3° Jose Dominguez – R$94,3004° Lucas Silvera – R$70,5005° Dodô Oliveira – R$54,8006° Asad Kamran – 43,000 reais7° Andres Parra – R$34,4008° Daniel Yamaki – R$27,9009° Dario Guzman – R$23,200

High Roller One Day Final Table.

PLO Choice 4/5 Card Prog KO – KSOPp GGPoker South America

Buy-in: R$2,000

Stake: 207

End Pool: R$ 200,000GTD

Final Table

1° Axel Rodrigo – R$67,0502. Daniel Gadotti – R$ 50,7003. Felipe Schneider – R$24,1504° Ramon Pessoa – R$22,0005° Rogerio Motta – R$9,5906° Alex Tesoni – R$9,9007° Adalberto Santana – R$9,7508° David Alejandro – R$4,7009° Felipe Eugênio – R$6,800*Bounty included

Podium for PLO Choice 4/5 Card Prog KO.

Fernandez and Rodrygo add two more Argentine title...

Caio Ozawa and Thomas Kyle Hickner compete in high rollers at KSOP GGPoker South America

Caio Ozawa and Thomas Kyle Hickner compete in high...

Those who missed the KSOP GGPoker South America main event can enjoy the many side events of the massive festival.

In Event 65: R$6,000 NL Hold’em High Roller K.O. Progressive player Caio Ozawa defeated online MTT ace Allison Eleres to claim the title. While he won R$221,850, the runner-up received R$127,000.

The next high roller event, Event 72: €7,000 No Limit Hold’em, was won by Thomas Kyle Hickner. One transaction increased his balance by R$182,500. Brazilian players Eduardo Kalil (second place), Gustavo Henrique Torres (third place) and Hermogenes Gelonezi (fourth place) also received six-figure bonuses of R$130,500, R$155,500 and R$115,000 respectively. Yar.

Meanwhile, Ricardo Loyola is No. 1. Podium finish in Event 73: R$2,500 No Limit Hold’em K.O. 7-Max. In addition to the bounty, the veteran also received 57,000 reais.

Caio Ozawa and Thomas Kyle Hickner compete in high...

Gustavo Vioto wins New York State Afterparty 3-M event

Gustavo Vioto wins New York State Afterparty 3-M e...

Brazilian Miller performed at the New York PokerStars after-party on Wednesday the 17th. In Event 03-M: $55 NL Hold’em 6-Max, 184, Gustavo “Toy.Woody” Vioto took the podium and added $12,773 to his bankroll.

“dedezinmendo” is more prominent on the website. In the opening event of Event 01-M: $109 NL Hold’em Afterparty, he bowed out of heads-up play for $14,746. 1,840 participants took part in the tournament.

In the regular $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR competition, “Raiseberg20” took home the silver medal and $9,920 in prize money.

In Event 01-H: The $1,050 NL Hold ’em post-event party kicked off with “mexicanboy90” losing to 3 players for $9,816.

Finally, Allan “allan sheik” Mello finished second out of 116 entries in the $530 Bounty Builder, winning $6,623. Check out the other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrize$22 Mini Battle Royale “nabihcury” 1st place $5,621 Bounty Generator $162 “NANDO EIRE” 1st place $5,020

Gustavo Vioto wins New York State Afterparty 3-M e...

Antonio Cristallini sparks debate about men in Ladies tournaments

Antonio Cristallini sparks debate about loophole i...

Ladies tournaments are an essential part of the schedule for a given stage or circuit. The presence of women at the tables is remarkable, and with an event exclusively for female players, the participation of women increases more and more, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for new players. At least, that’s how it should be.

This is because, based on American legislation, an event cannot prevent men from participating in the traditional Ladies Event. Of course, the situation becomes uncomfortable for everyone, and there are measures to make the practice unfeasible (such as the US$10,000 buy-in with a 90% discount for women in the WSOP Ladies Event), but for legal reasons, if a man wants to take part in a women’s tournament in the USA, he can.

The discussion is quite old and controversial, but the vast majority of people (and common sense) say that men shouldn’t take part in this type of event. Recently, professional gamer and content creator Antonio Cristallini left a request on his Twitter account: “men, stop entering women’s tournaments and making the rest of us look bad. Honestly, every guy who doesn’t is an asshole.”

Cristallini’s tweet was met with mixed responses. The user “JoeyBallCap”, for example, said that poker is not a physical sport and that there is no advantage to being a man or a woman when playing:

While another user, by the name of Zack Allen, reinforced the issue of a welcoming environment for female players and agreed with the practice of exclusive events:

The argument used by some of the players who sign up for these tournaments is that, because it is a sport of the mind, there is no advantage to being male or female. But the vast majority of female players say that the advantage of the Ladies Event is not in the level of the field or the prize pool, but in the more welcoming atmosphere, which increases female participation and even inspires new players to take part in the competition.

This issue seems to be ignored by the men who play in the tournament. Some say they do it to “protest”, but the truth is that no one would be harmed if the Ladies Event were played only by women. Unfortunately, some people can’t think beyond their own navels; it’s not a legislative issue as much as it is a matter of common sense.

Antonio Cristallini sparks debate about loophole i...

Austria’s “Amygdalus” won the Venom PKO event for $6,860,500.

“Amygdaluss” from Austria took first place in the...

The sixth Venom PKO $5 Million GTD tournament concluded on the evening of November 3-4, 2022, with the winner taking home a total prize pool of $6,860,500. It’s not exactly a record-breaking number, but thanks to the huge prize money, Austrian player “Amygdaluss” received the largest prize in the history of the event. Amygdaluss’ total amount is $826,533.

No bonus record

Looks like a new convention is on the Winning Network Established in a major tournament. For some reason, attendance at the same event in May has been much higher than in the fall for the past two years.

The fifth Venom PKO was victorious with 2,744 players taking part and a total prize pool of $5 million GTD, for a total prize pool of $6,860,500.

While two events of a similar nature were held in early 2021 and 2022, more than 7.1 million U.S. players each won. The reward for Venom is still far from the record $5,785,500 reward last September.

It is well worth it.

Due to individual success, this competition still surpasses all its predecessors in several aspects:

The total prize money of Austrian player “Amygdaluss” is 826,533 US dollars, including 342,903 US dollars in prize money (5 rounds of the finals), maintaining the highest prize money record for the first place in “Venom” in PKO history.

Unfortunately, we do not know the identity of this player, although he is apparently a regular at high stakes tournaments. The poker player played 466 MTTs on the Winning network with an average buy-in (ABI) of $400, making $45,000 in profits from February to November this year.

Final Table

This time The eight best players in the Venom tournament can be considered one of many, as at least one big name from the poker world is absent, while two players from Belarus survived the “gauntlet” of the satellite tournament to reach the finals.

Despite seven players taking part and over 30 billion in chips, the game took less than two and a half hours to decide the winner. Here is the list of players and the order in which they left the table:

“Justicepeanut (USA) – $75,322. Short was the most experienced player at the table since Made about $1 million playing WPN games since 2014, waiting for AK and triggering them preflop, but “Amygdaluss” pocket TT proved to be the superior hand.

“BiTaMiHka” ( Belarus) – $100,501. She could also be considered the “victim” of the Austrian player. She called a big pot on the flop with AK, had an ace-high on the turn, and had a nut flush draw .On the river, she hit the king, giving top pair, and backed her opponent’s all-in move, but her opponent also had a queen on the flop. The hand ended with an all-in fold.

“birdgang8” (USA) – $137,089 The American didn’t show much activity in the first half of the night and was clearly tired of the casual playing of “Amygdaluss” and decided to take it from KJ in response 26NT to add chips from the baton, but his opponent had AT and won the deal. The American didn’t show much action in the first half of the evening.

The “artrollin” (sitting Austrian) The value was $187,440. Another European player entered the final hand with the biggest stack, but after waiting for a decent hand, he wiped out half his stack with a Q-flush draw on the turn against top pair. Played 20 Minutes later, he was left with 2.7 billion and lost to 99-QQQ. The next hand he got 32 points and cashed out the rest of his chips in addition to the $18,000 bonus.

” JohnnyUtah (USA) has $267,790. The last American player at the table lost with pocket kings to the king of hearts from Amygdaluss, who was the first player to put an ace on the table. The player donated all his chips to “Amygdaluss” and left the table.

“procurator” (Belarus) – $307,300. The Belarusian was able to “live” into the top three, although he started from the eighth pile. After hitting 44-AQ against a Lithuanian player, he lost and was eliminated.

The one-on-one match began, and the Austrian representative led with 120 BB , while the Lithuanian “dartazz” has 45 BB.

At the beginning, the Baltic players were able to effectively withstand the pressure of “Chipak” and even temporarily narrowed the chip gap; however, after the second break, many big dealers did not He lost at showdown, leaving only 11 big blinds.

When the dealer first puts a king on the table, and then an ace and a ten on the river, it looks like the heads-up match can be reversed. Double darts between KT and A9. This happens when the river cards are an Ace and a 10. However, the game was abandoned after just a few minutes.

After flopping a pair, “Amygdaluss'” opponent couldn’t get out of trouble. There was no way for “Amygdaluss”‘s opponents to escape the hand until “Amygdaluss” hit two overpairs on the river with KQ.

Dartazz earned $557,234 in the second round.

“Amygdaluss” from Austria took first place in the...

KSOP South America: a tournament for every taste and budget

KSOP South America: a tournament for every taste a...

As the end of the year approaches and the time remaining for the continent’s biggest poker event, KSOP GGPoker South America 2024, gets shorter, excitement is growing. With just over a month to go, the tournament has created huge expectations among players as it promises a unique experience.

Scheduled to be played in Rio de Janeiro from January 24 to February 7, the KSOP South America stands out not only for its spectacular R$50,000,000 guaranteed prize pool, about US$10 million, but also for the diversity of its tournament offer adapted to players of all levels.

Dan Cates is one of the most extroverted grinders on the world circuit.

A few days ago an exciting announcement was made that left the Latin community expectant: the renowned player Dan Cates, also known as Jungleman, will participate in the Ultra High Roller of R$100,000 the entry, about US$20K. Among many other players such as Felipe Mojave Ramos, for example, the prominent Brazilian poker entrepreneur Léo Rizzo will also take part in this tournament, further consolidating the presence of prominent figures in the event.

Diversity of tournaments for all tastes

What sets the KSOP GGPoker South America apart from other festivals is its commitment to offering a varied experience that caters to the tastes of all players. The schedule will include a wide range of tournaments, from traditional Hold’em and Omaha events to exciting Mixed Games and Knockout (KO) tournaments. In addition, fans of 6-Max tournaments and Freezeouts will also find their place in this spectacular series.

Below are just some of the highlights in each of its modalities.


Main Event – US$2,000,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$1,000.

Warm Up – US$400,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$200.

Progressive KO:

Bounty Hunters SHR – US$600,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$6,250

Progressive KO 6-Max – US$100,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$600


Freezeout – US$100,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$500

Freezeout KO – US$80,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$600

High Roller:

Ultra High Roller – US$600,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$20,000

High Roller One Day – $120,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$1,400


Mystery Monster KO 6-Max – US$600,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$600

6-Max – US$60,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$400

Mystery Bounty:

GG Mystery Millionaire – US$200,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$120


Ladies Event – US$20,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$160



Omaholic SHR (PLO) – US$120,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$4,000

PLO KO 6-Max – US$20,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$400


HR PLO5 Mystery Prog KO – US$120,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$2,000

PLO5 KO – US$40,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$400

Mixed Games:

8-Games – US$20,000 guaranteed – Buy-in US$600

H.O.R.R.S.E. – Buy-in US$400

Mixed PLO Omaha Hi-Lo 7-Max – Buy-in US$200

5-Card Draw – Buy-in US$300

KSOP South America: a tournament for every taste a...

Juan Barattini wins LAPT 2023 ranking

Juan Barattini wins LAPT 2023 ranking

After several years of absence, the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) returns in 2023, with Argentinian player Juan Barattini managing to top the five tournaments held during the annual rankings. For doing so, he earned a $50,000 bonus and a ticket to the LAPT’s 2024 main event.

In 2023, Juan managed to win cash in 4 of the 5 main events: he finished 6th in Montevideo. Ranking 19,000 Panama is third with $54,115, Iguazu is 28th with $13,200 ($2,560), and Sao Paulo is 94th with $13,020 ($2,672). He also finished third in Event 12 in Rio de Janeiro for R$69,000 ($13,000), fourth in Event 6 in Panama for $2,800 and third in Iguazu. 4th place in 4 events, and a few days ago he was 18th in race 32 and 49th in race 30 of the Grand Final in Sao Paulo.

Juan Barattini wins LAPT 2023 ranking

Thinking About Rush Poker Strategies

Thinking About Rush Poker Strategies

Rush Poker* is an innovative poker variant of Full Tilt Poker that allows players to see four times as many cards as in a regular game.

There is no huge learning curve for poker* in Rush, it plays more like a regular game of poker, only faster. However, Rush Poker* has some idiosyncrasies which mean that the style of play is slightly different.

In a normal game of poker, your personal game speed has little effect on the number of hands you play in an hour. In Rush Poker* this is far from the case. A very fast player may see twice as many cards per hour than the average player.

Rush Poker* has an innovative feature that allows players to fold cards out of order: the quick fold button. For example, if you have 2-3 on the button, you have an opportunity to fold before the action happens. Once you fold, you are immediately moved to a new table and dealt a new hand. Players will not know that you have chosen to fold a two-three of another suit out of sequence, as they will not see you fold until the action occurs.

Most of the unique strategies involved in Rush Poker* are based on the Quick Fold feature. Although players cannot see your decision to fold cards out of sequence, the speed of your action gives them a hunch that you have done so. Exiting a hand very quickly is a reliable indicator of out-of-order folding. Casual players and seasoned pros alike drop boundaries: Casual players see more playable hands per hour, while seasoned pros increase their win rate per hour.

The pros are ready to get everyone’s win-per-hand ratio up to adding a small pass to see more hands per hour. In my opinion, out-of-bounds withdrawals will only result in a small increase in the odds of winning each hand. Some pros play many hands of Rush Poker* every day and are quite familiar with the player pool. These pros probably know who is often playing cards out of sequence, recognize that these players may take some action, and pay little attention to the actions of other players.

You should only fold if you fold in the series. Be sure your hand will be profitable. Let’s say you have 5-6 different suits in the small blind. The first instinct is sometimes to move quickly to the next hand. However, you may find yourself in a situation where almost everyone at the table just calls. In this case, you should call and try to connect your hand.

If you play at these tables, you will notice that most players gradually fold. To me, this shows that some strategies that are bad or bad in normal games can be good in Rush Poker*. For example, in Rush Poker, level-based strategies gain value. Sometimes you and the other players at the table just check, but the big blind must fold out of order! A good strategy in Rush Poker* is to simply check from early position, with a mix of super premium hands and speculative hands that usually fold.

In Rush Poker*, as in any other form, the following rules apply. In poker, your best strategy is to go against the tide of the table. Play fast when everyone else is playing tight, and play tight when everyone else is playing fast. Rush Poker* seems to allow players to only play super hands without being easily perceived as super tight by other players. If you feel like the players on your team are doing it, you should go against the flow. Simply steal the blinds for high equity. Against a group of super tight Rush Poker* players, you should develop a strategy that includes raising as many different hands as possible, especially if you are in late position. This way you will steal a lot of blinds. The caveat to this strategy is that if you are in hide, you should only proceed with your best hands. If you are about to be called, you should only act if the flop is played particularly hard.

Thinking About Rush Poker Strategies

“HIGHVOLTAGE” beats $138,000 High Roller event at KOSS.

“HIGHVOLTAGE” beats $138,000 High Roller event at...

Every player knows that Wednesday’s Suprema tournament is just as exciting as Sunday’s straight tournament. KOSS’s dominance on the felt in the world’s top division makes the competition even crazier.

“HIGHVOLTAGE” defeated 2,085 entries to earn $138,156 in Event No. 126: $550 NL Hold.

On the other hand, “FcGorgota” won the $3,000 NL Hold’em High Roller or Event 139. He joined 152 other players in winning R$ 92,841 in prize money after they all took part in the tournament.

Let me introduce you to the other winners:

Mystery R$150 No Limit Hold’em Tournament (1,141 entrants)

Prize: R$19,606 (I will pay)

$750 PL Omaha 5 Card Event #13​​0 (140 entrants)

Tempranillo . R$ 28,154

The $80 No Limit Hold’em Mystery Event is Event 123. (882 entrants)

JooDaBr0ca, you won R$ 7,920.

“HIGHVOLTAGE” beats $138,000 High Roller event at...

City Center: September brings new buy-in

City Center: September brings new buy-in

September, the ninth month of the year, has begun and the poker action continues in Rosario City Center, where activity is enhanced by a live tournament calendar and diverse online services And multiplied. Can only be found here. Latin America’s largest casino has announced its new tournament values, details here. Is it a lot more? Less than 10%.

City Center in September

Contests start every Tuesday at 6:30 pm, Tuesday+, with new buy-ins of $40,000, blinds every 20 minutes, and 30,000 tournament chips, each Maximum 150 players per date. You can re-enter the tournament at a maximum level of 6. This event will be held on the 5th (tomorrow), 12th, 19th, and 26th.

Next up is Deep Stacks, Saturday at 3:30 p.m. Event held,Rebuy – $48,000, blinds every 25 minutes, starting tournament chips of 45,000 points; limit of players per date is 150 players. The tournament allows re-entry into Level 6 at 7:30 PM; it is played over the course of a day and has a structure starting with the small blind of 100, the big blind of 200 and the ante of 200. The games are on the 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th.

Both offer the opportunity to qualify online on the City Center website: Tuesday+ holds qualifiers on Sunday, while Deep Stack holds qualifiers on Friday at 9:00 p.m.

September Presenting again the Three Day Series. With a buy-in of $60,000, starting chips of 40,000 points, re-entry levels up to level 8, odds for 300 players, plus surrender chips and an action clock, the tournament will last three days1, with blinds taking place every 30 minutes Note 1A and 1A include all 20′ on 1B and 1C, which will be Turbo. The games will be held on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd. Online qualifiers will be held at 9pm on the 6th, 9th, 13th, 16th and 20th.

Competitors participating in various competitions will receive bonus parking spots if they take part in tournaments.

Also, cash tables are available and you can play starting at 8pm every day

City Center: September brings new buy-in

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