Chance Kornuth calls for Martin Kabrhel to be banned from WSOP

Chance Kornuth blames Czech ban on Martin Kabrhel'...

The WSOP discussion on Martin Kabhrel continues to add new chapters. On Tuesday (20th), Chance Kornuth decided to comment on the allegations against the Czechs.

In a lengthy post that has garnered half a million views on Twitter, the American cited “possible cheating,” “criticism” of other players and an “extremely worrying and unfair atmosphere” as arguments for the ban.

Recall that Chance paid – $250.00 0 Super High Roller to play Martin throughout the decision process in Event 40 until he finished 6th ($1,202,318). The two stood side by side.

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“Martin Kabhrel should be 100% banned. But that’s not why a lot of people think that. Over the past few days, a lot of people have asked me about the MK situation and I’ve thought about it a lot. First of all, the floor did a good job during this WSOP, checked the decks and found no cheating, so I think it’s one of two things: either Martin may be cheating in a way the security hasn’t noticed, or he’s intentionally making it look like he’s cheating to gain an advantage. Whatever it is, I guess, he should be banned from the WSOP and other high stakes tournaments. As @Andrew_Robl and others have pointed out, he has a history of cheating, which may have been a reason for the ban. He’s using this earlier version of himself to scare off the imply $250,000 buy-in because he “might be” cheating ( He suspects the $250,000 ft. of paper stuff is sticky stuff from a card from a few days ago).

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Poker Hall of Famer and President of PokerGo Mori Eskandani said: “I don’t know if Martin cheated, but one thing is for sure: He created a highly disturbing and unfair atmosphere for other players. I’m not sure where the poker industry should draw the line.” One thing is for sure, Kabhrel’s constant rants, tanks and angle shots are scary for poker and he needs to be stopped. As a community, we need to do more to remove this behavior from our games. Andrew Robl and even Brazilian Alen Fillipi have spoken out against the position of the Czech Republic’s all-time wealth leader.

Remember, Martin is under investigation by the WSOP. The player has spoken out and denies all allegations. Do you think this attitude is enough to warrant a ban, or does it justify that the WSOP should ban this player from the tournament? Leave your opinion on pokerworld’s social networks.

Chance Kornuth blames Czech ban on Martin Kabrhel'...

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  • The text discusses the ongoing discussion about Martin Kabhrel and the allegations against him in the WSOP. Chance Kornuth argues for a ban based on possible cheating, criticism of other players, and creating an unfair atmosphere. The text raises questions about whether Kabhrel should be banned or not.

  • This text discusses the ongoing controversy surrounding Martin Kabhrel in the WSOP, with Chance Kornuth expressing concerns about possible cheating and unfair behavior. Opinion is divided on whether Kabhrel should be banned, but there is a call for the poker community to address and prevent such behavior.

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    The text presents serious allegations against Martin Kabhrel, including possible cheating and creating a disruptive atmosphere for other players. The poker community seems divided on whether he should be banned from WSOP events. Further investigation and action may be necessary to address the concerns raised.

  • The text discusses allegations against Martin Kabhrel in the WSOP, with Chance Kornuth calling for a ban due to possible cheating and unfair behavior. The poker community seems divided on whether Kabhrel should be banned, with some citing past cheating history and disturbing behavior as reasons for a potential ban.

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