Jeremy Ausmus Earns Online Bracelet and Becomes WSOP Hexa

Jeremy Ausmus Wins WSOP Online Event #08 After Tou...

Jeremy Ausmus won his first career bracelet at the 2013 WSOP Europe in France. After that, he took an eight-year hiatus until he won his second gold bracelet. What he didn’t expect was that just two years later, he would become one of the rare six-time champions on the circuit. The American won a WSOP online event this morning.

Ausmus proved to have an incredible moment in Event #08 Online ($3,200 High Roller). Piloting a “ChipChecka” account, the Las Vegas resident defied 321 entrants and won a staggering $360,036, another big win for a star who already has more than $7.4 million in WSOP prize money.

Tournament is 6-handed with an elite final table. The likes of Koray Aldemir, Chance Kornuth and Ioannis Angelou Konstas were left behind until Ausmus went heads-up with grinder Christopher Castiglia. Jeremy had already built a sizeable lead and his task was simply to match Castiglia’s “short” T7 boost with KK. The board is Q63AK.

Ausmus won two bracelets in 2021 (Events #3 and #84) and two more last year, one in the traditional Vegas version (Event #23) and one online at (Event #7). Will he claim his third consecutive double in 2023?

Check the final prize pool:

1. – Jeremy Ausmus “ChipChecka” (USA) – $360,036

2. – Christopher Castiglia “Ccast93” (USA) – $224,631

3. – Ioannis Konstas “Cheeeecha” (Greece) – $151,939

4. – Chance Kornuth “BingShui” (USA) – $108,442

5. – “Cokinaalcubo” (UK) – $73,735

6. – Koray Aldemir “seatscramble” (Germany) – $53,029

Jeremy Ausmus Wins WSOP Online Event #08 After Tou...

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