Jostad wins in historic trio against Ivey and Chidwick

Jostad wins in historic trio against Ivey and Chid...

Three of the World’s Best Poker Players Play an Incredible 3-Hand at the Triton Super High Roller Series in LondonEvent 0 #3: $40,000 7-Hand Mystery Bounty. Fate eventually pointed its finger at Espen Jorstad and declared him the winner despite being one of the short stacks on the final day.

“That was the craziest three-point shot I’ve ever hit,” Jostad said shortly after winning his first career Triton title. “Legends on the left, legends on the right”, the 35-year-old Norwegian described his first impressions after his win.

The European is the last man standing after a mystery bounty tournament with 133 entrants ($2,660,000) That leaves the finalists: Jostad with the talented Steven Chidwick and what many consider the greatest player of all time Phil Ivey together.

The stacks were very tight, with every player being the leader and short stack multiple times, and a series of doubles kept things going until late into the night.

Jorstad raised more than once from nearly two big blinds, and he eventually beat Chidwick for third, before knocking out Ivey in heads-up play. Ivey missed out on becoming a four-time champion and Jorstad took home $639,000.

Champion Espen Jorstad

Champion Espen Jorstad

Technically, half of the $5.32 million prize pool has yet to be cashed. This Monday, the Mystery Bounty Envelope will draw a $400,000 jackpot, with at least $40,000 in bounties lurking inside. Jorstad owns five of them, so at least another $200,000 in coverage.

There were 38 survivors at the start of the day, but only 8 seats at the final table, meaning players like Nacho Barbero< (the only one to play in the ITM Latino player with 38,600 greens), Elton Tsang and Ben Heath failed to recover enough to make it to the final.

Jostad’s Victory

Back to the foursomes, the back four made it fast to the dinner break as Johannes Straver hit a 69 BB to lead ahead of Ivey (35), Jostad (19) and Chidwick (10)). However, in an exciting and never-ending race, the lead began to shift.

In fact, Ivey was almost eliminated, but the final confrontation with Straver brought him back to relative fitness. Then Dutchman Straver lost a pair of nines to American Ivey’s Jack, This time Straver is over and he now wins $236,500.

Drawing in front 3-H Jorstad Ivy started to put pressure on Chidwick. Despite being only 10-5, Chidwick was ultimately forced to defend his big blind against Jostad’s charge.

Ivey sat back with 28 BB against Jostad’s 17 BB after this huge three-handed scramble. Things quickly changed, however, when Jostard took the lead and left Ivey in a corner. The American big man was out when he moved all-in and called with Q-5, while Jorstad lost Q-8, but they ended up splitting the pot.

However, he was out of action after a few hands. , when he went all out against K-2 against K-J, he was eliminated and nothing changed in the community.

“Heads up against the biggest legend in the game, Ivey. That’s more special from my point of view, in my opinion,” said the champ happily.


1. Espen Jostad – $639,0002. Phil Ivey, USA _ $434,9003. Stephen Chidwick_$287,0004° Johannes Straver, Netherlands – $236,5005° Eric Wasserson, USA _ $190,0006° Daniel Dvoress, Canada – $149,0007° Alek Boika, Belarus _ $111,5008° Keat Liu Chun, Malaysia _ $82,500

Jostad wins in historic trio against Ivey and Chid...

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  • This text describes a high-stakes poker tournament in which Espen Jorstad emerges as the winner, defeating renowned players Phil Ivey and Stephen Chidwick. It highlights the intense competition and the excitement of Jorstad’s victory.

  • This text describes an intense poker tournament with some of the best players in the world, highlighting Espen Jorstad as the eventual winner. It provides details about the gameplay and the final results, including the prize money earned by each player.

  • This text describes an intense and exciting final table at the Triton Super High Roller Series in London, where Espen Jorstad emerged as the victor, defeating poker legends like Phil Ivey. The final hand saw Jorstad’s skill and determination prevail, earning him a significant cash prize of $639,000.

  • The text describes an intense and exciting high-stakes poker tournament where Espen Jorstad emerged as the victor against renowned players such as Phil Ivey and Stephen Chidwick. Jorstad’s strategic gameplay and final hand against Ivey showcase his skill and earned him a significant cash prize.

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