Lockett wins bracelet in second cashout of his life

Lockett wins bracelet in second cashout of his lif...

Jay Lockett entered the event after cashing only once in his entire career at the WSOP a few years ago. But now everything is different, he managed to pose next to the image of the champion.

For many, the Event #46 $500 No-Limit Hold’em Freezeout is one of the most attractive tournaments due to its low cost and single bullet format, as reflected in the tallied 5,342 entrants and 2, $2 prize pool of 43,640 in. Strong>. In total, 802 lucky players participated in the ITM and won approximately $800.

Diego Acquila on the podium in the knockout round.

The second day started at the Horseshoe and Paris in Las Vegas with only 241 players at the table in one day. The process took over 12 hours, but ultimately Lockett won the bracelet and kept $262,526 for the winner.

As with the history of each champion, differences also played a role. The main character is so narrated that he lets some incredible hands in. “That shouldn’t have happened. I got into Dead Money…it was awesome. You have to run so fast. I made the final table twice.I had Ace-Queen and ended up beating Ace-King. There was some luck in that.”

Interestingly, the American has barely reported any live cash, which is his deep stack at WS OP 2021 strong> won $1,900.

There was also a strong presence from the Latin Fleet, with Diego Acquila -ar being the best of the lot, and den Made reached the final table and won $121,085 after finishing third. Other names such as Luis Yépez, Mikel Unanue and Jairo Nuñez also made it to the box office.

Event #46 $500 No-Limit Hold’em Breakout

Buy-In:$500Fields: 5,34 2 Pot: $2,243,640.

Final Table

1. Jay Lockett – $262,5262. Benson Tang – $162,2073. DiegoAquila – $121,0854° Matthew Tom – $91,0665° -nm- Muaaz GaniSouth – $69,0076° Byambajav Bandi – $52,6907° Shannon Boone – $40,5408° David Hirst – $31,4339. Ibrahim Tarim – $24,562

More ITM Latinos

66. Igor Pinheiro – $3,82378. Arcioni Poleman – $3,24094. Henry Fisher – $2,387100° Marco Mayorga – $2,076103° Nelson Pasco – $2,076113° Luis Donelles – $2,076119° Milton Conca – $2,076244. Julian Rugner – $1,611254. Antonio Stoneno – $1,611261. Luis Yepes – $1,438309° Van der Ley Gonçalves – $1,438347° Rodrigo Semeggini – $1,296381° Carlos Hay de Lima – $1,178389° Damian Fortunato – $1,178395. Daniel DeMura – $1,178425 Kevin Kerber – $1,080441° Enrique Ochoa – $1,080464. Jarrow Nunes – $1,080468° Jean Mastrocola – $1,080501° Alberto Sousa – $1,000536° Mauricio Aruano Parodi – $875551° Ulysses Duarte – $875586° Carlos de Lima Porto – $875594° Gustavo Palermo – $875639° Mikel Unanu – $875643° Gaston Abrevaia – $875656° Luis Lugo – $875699. Thomas Mora – $800701° Andrés Campello – $800731° Fabio Ronchi – $800763° Juan Rangel – $800764° Horacio Cigarrán – $800780° Raphael Reiss – $800789° Julio Guerrero – $800801° Rafael Mota – $800

*The collection is complete.

Lockett wins bracelet in second cashout of his lif...

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  • This text seems to be a report on a poker tournament, specifically Event #46 $500 No-Limit Holdem Freezeout at the WSOP. The focus is on Jay Lockett, who was the winner and took home $262,526. The text also mentions the participation of other players and their respective cash prizes.

  • This text is a report on Jay Lockett’s success at the Event #46 $500 No-Limit Holdem Freezeout tournament, where he won the championship and a cash prize of $262,526. It also highlights the participation of other players, particularly Diego Acquila, who finished third.

  • I think the text provides a detailed and thorough overview of Jay Lockett’s impressive win at the WSOP Event #46. It also highlights the strong presence of Latin American players in the tournament, showcasing their success in the competition.

  • This text is a detailed account of Jay Lockett’s impressive win at the WSOP Event #46. Despite limited previous success, Lockett emerged victorious and took home a substantial prize. Additionally, the presence of Latin American players at the final table adds to the diversity and competitiveness of the event.

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