Lucía Navarro triumphs at Aria, makes WSOP debut in 2023

Lucía Navarro triumphs at Aria, makes WSOP debut i...

New 888Poker ambassador Lucia Navarro was photographed holding a gold card from the Aria Poker Classic 2023 and, more specifically, a trophy from one of the daily $600 buy-in tournaments that form the backbone of the casino’s summer offering.

Aria Tournament Director Paul Campbell knows the magic of poker. The WSOP Seniors and Super Turbo Bounty events are back down and his event is expected to have 500 entries.

Lucia’s record was one of those broken by Campbell, who took advantage of the fact that it was his turn to play no-limit hold’em in the mixed games that Aria used to enrich the weekly game.

First race he played immediately after @lucia13Navarro arrived: $600 Aria 1 day. 500 players. I have to go to Railear because it’s 1/10 right now! There are 50,000 more.

— Javier Tazón (@MuckeDBoY) June 22, 2023

Both are new to Las Vegas, and the $600 Aria Poker Classic is the first event Lucia plans to play during her Las Vegas stay, according to Mucked.

The prizes waiting for the champion are almost as round as the field, $50.8 64, the climax can cover some of the daily expenses, all the way to the Ladies of the 29th and the Main Event, in these days we will definitely see Lucia fighting again.

They always say that the trophy group photo looks good, but who knows how the festival will go. Congratulations to her without a doubt on her win, she hasn’t had time to buy more buy-ins yet!

Unbelievable! ! ! 💫💫

— Lucia Navarro Poker (@lucia13Navarro) June 22, 2023

Lucía Navarro triumphs at Aria, makes WSOP debut i...

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  • The text is discussing Lucia Navarro’s involvement as a new ambassador for 888Poker and her recent win at the Aria Poker Classic. It mentions the significance of her trophy and the expectation of her participation in future events.

  • This text appears to be a promotional announcement or report about Lucia Navarro, the new ambassador for 888Poker, and her participation in the Aria Poker Classic tournament in Las Vegas. It highlights her success in one of the daily $600 buy-in tournaments and mentions her plans to play more events during her time in Las Vegas.

  • This text is announcing that Lucia Navarro, a new ambassador for 888Poker, has won a trophy at the Aria Poker Classic 2023 tournament with 500 entries. It also mentions that she is planning to participate in more events during her stay in Las Vegas.

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