Nascar driver criticizes Helmuth: ‘I thought you were the best in the world!’

Nascar driver criticizes Helmuth: 'I thought you w...

Poker legend Phil Hellmuth, also known as the Poker Kid, adds new anecdotes from the world of motorsports, specifically NASCAR. Even in the room he co-owned, the pro couldn’t escape provocation.

Hermuth lost to NASCAR driverJason White-us in a live race at the Champions Club in Houston, Texas. nicknamed “J-White” and then verbally provoked him.

White, a Canadian recreational player, is currently serving a sentence after being arrested for drunken driving last year. NASCAR was suspended for a month and he entered for $5,000. Over the course of the night, White lost nearly $2,900, for a total loss of $7,800 in the two-day operation. However, a decisive hand against the poker legend prevented an even bigger loss.

Victoria Livschitz raised to $75 with A 7, then J-White put all his chips in the middle with Q Q. Hellmuth from the small blind raised to $10,000 with AK, prompting Livschitz to fold.

In the showdown, the winner of 17 WSOP bracelets failed to connect and was forced to give up the $9,410 pot.

“I thought you were the best in the world?” at @ Before ChampionsClubTX ends the day, @JasonWhite23 brings some heat to @phil_hellmuth.

Hellmuth ended the day with a huge $10 bonus.

📺 – Watch today’s full live replay here

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) 2023 September 1st.

After losing the hand, Hellmuth praised White and said: “Good hand, J-White, good hand.” White replied in a mocking tone: “Why did you go all-in? You don’t even have a couple, I Do you still think you are the best in the world?”

However, these provocations are just for fun and are not expected to have any impact on their relationship. Maybe one day, the roles will be reversed and we’ll see them competing in NASCAR, even if Hellmuth’s “record” in that area isn’t great, as shown below.

Nascar driver criticizes Helmuth: 'I thought you w...

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  • Brekke.christophe

    This text describes a poker match between Phil Hellmuth and NASCAR driver Jason White, in which White emerged victorious and playfully taunted Hellmuth. Despite the playful banter, it is unlikely to affect their relationship.

  • This text provides an anecdote about a poker game between Phil Hellmuth and NASCAR driver Jason White. Despite some provocation and banter during the game, it is unlikely to have any lasting impact on their relationship. The text suggests the possibility of seeing them compete in NASCAR in the future, although Hellmuth’s record in that area is not impressive.

  • Gerlach.brady

    This text provides an interesting insight into a poker legend, Phil Hellmuth, and his interaction with NASCAR driver Jason White. Despite a loss in a poker game, the banter and competitive spirit between the two seem to be good-natured. It will be intriguing to see if they ever compete in NASCAR together in the future.

  • This text seems to describe a poker game between Phil Hellmuth and NASCAR driver Jason White, where Hellmuth lost a significant amount of money in a hand against White. Despite some playful banter, it appears their relationship is not negatively affected. The mention of a potential future competition in NASCAR hints at a friendly rivalry between the two.

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