“pagodeira” wins Supreme’s Battle HR title

“pagodeira” wins Supreme’s Battle HR title

This Tuesday’s straight race at Suprema is a must. ‘pagodeira’ defeated 878 opponents to claim first place in the R$250 Battle HR 200K GTD competition. In total, he won 31,897 reais.

“Otikitle” received R$ 17,728 for his victory in the Omax HR 50K GTD race, with a bonus of R$ 550, while second place “Cap.Presença” earned R$ 17,728 Er’s bonus further increased the prize money.

View other results:

R$ 750 HighS 75K GTD (101 entries)

Winner: “My Boss.” R$ 15,178

R$ 75 Mysterious 100K GTD (1,281 participants)

Winner: “CapouTomou” R$ 9,228

R$55 Big Plus 50K GTD (590 entrants)

Winner: “AppleID” R$9,006

R$15 plus 50K GTD (1,856 entrants)

Winner: “Skyline” R$ 7,021

“pagodeira” wins Supreme’s Battle HR title

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  • Myrtle.steuber

    I think the text highlights the success of different players in various poker races at Suprema. It shows the competitive nature of the events and the substantial prize money that can be won.

  • This text provides a summary of the recent races at Suprema, highlighting some of the winners and their prize money. It shows the competitiveness and diversity of participants in these events.

  • Hilbert.barton

    I think the text is reporting on various poker competitions and the winners’ prize money. It seems like there were some intense races and significant earnings for the winners.

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