Austria’s “Amygdalus” won the Venom PKO event for $6,860,500.

“Amygdaluss” from Austria took first place in the...

The sixth Venom PKO $5 Million GTD tournament concluded on the evening of November 3-4, 2022, with the winner taking home a total prize pool of $6,860,500. It’s not exactly a record-breaking number, but thanks to the huge prize money, Austrian player “Amygdaluss” received the largest prize in the history of the event. Amygdaluss’ total amount is $826,533.

No bonus record

Looks like a new convention is on the Winning Network Established in a major tournament. For some reason, attendance at the same event in May has been much higher than in the fall for the past two years.

The fifth Venom PKO was victorious with 2,744 players taking part and a total prize pool of $5 million GTD, for a total prize pool of $6,860,500.

While two events of a similar nature were held in early 2021 and 2022, more than 7.1 million U.S. players each won. The reward for Venom is still far from the record $5,785,500 reward last September.

It is well worth it.

Due to individual success, this competition still surpasses all its predecessors in several aspects:

The total prize money of Austrian player “Amygdaluss” is 826,533 US dollars, including 342,903 US dollars in prize money (5 rounds of the finals), maintaining the highest prize money record for the first place in “Venom” in PKO history.

Unfortunately, we do not know the identity of this player, although he is apparently a regular at high stakes tournaments. The poker player played 466 MTTs on the Winning network with an average buy-in (ABI) of $400, making $45,000 in profits from February to November this year.

Final Table

This time The eight best players in the Venom tournament can be considered one of many, as at least one big name from the poker world is absent, while two players from Belarus survived the “gauntlet” of the satellite tournament to reach the finals.

Despite seven players taking part and over 30 billion in chips, the game took less than two and a half hours to decide the winner. Here is the list of players and the order in which they left the table:

“Justicepeanut (USA) – $75,322. Short was the most experienced player at the table since Made about $1 million playing WPN games since 2014, waiting for AK and triggering them preflop, but “Amygdaluss” pocket TT proved to be the superior hand.

“BiTaMiHka” ( Belarus) – $100,501. She could also be considered the “victim” of the Austrian player. She called a big pot on the flop with AK, had an ace-high on the turn, and had a nut flush draw .On the river, she hit the king, giving top pair, and backed her opponent’s all-in move, but her opponent also had a queen on the flop. The hand ended with an all-in fold.

“birdgang8” (USA) – $137,089 The American didn’t show much activity in the first half of the night and was clearly tired of the casual playing of “Amygdaluss” and decided to take it from KJ in response 26NT to add chips from the baton, but his opponent had AT and won the deal. The American didn’t show much action in the first half of the evening.

The “artrollin” (sitting Austrian) The value was $187,440. Another European player entered the final hand with the biggest stack, but after waiting for a decent hand, he wiped out half his stack with a Q-flush draw on the turn against top pair. Played 20 Minutes later, he was left with 2.7 billion and lost to 99-QQQ. The next hand he got 32 points and cashed out the rest of his chips in addition to the $18,000 bonus.

” JohnnyUtah (USA) has $267,790. The last American player at the table lost with pocket kings to the king of hearts from Amygdaluss, who was the first player to put an ace on the table. The player donated all his chips to “Amygdaluss” and left the table.

“procurator” (Belarus) – $307,300. The Belarusian was able to “live” into the top three, although he started from the eighth pile. After hitting 44-AQ against a Lithuanian player, he lost and was eliminated.

The one-on-one match began, and the Austrian representative led with 120 BB , while the Lithuanian “dartazz” has 45 BB.

At the beginning, the Baltic players were able to effectively withstand the pressure of “Chipak” and even temporarily narrowed the chip gap; however, after the second break, many big dealers did not He lost at showdown, leaving only 11 big blinds.

When the dealer first puts a king on the table, and then an ace and a ten on the river, it looks like the heads-up match can be reversed. Double darts between KT and A9. This happens when the river cards are an Ace and a 10. However, the game was abandoned after just a few minutes.

After flopping a pair, “Amygdaluss'” opponent couldn’t get out of trouble. There was no way for “Amygdaluss”‘s opponents to escape the hand until “Amygdaluss” hit two overpairs on the river with KQ.

Dartazz earned $557,234 in the second round.

“Amygdaluss” from Austria took first place in the...

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  • The text provides a detailed account of the sixth Venom PKO tournament, including information about the winner, prize pool, and participants. It mentions that the event did not break any records in terms of prize money but still offered a significant amount. The text also points out that attendance in the fall tournament has been lower compared to the one held in May in the past two years. It highlights the achievement of the Austrian player, Amygdaluss, who received the largest prize in the history of the event. The text also mentions the player’s history in high stakes tournaments and their success in the Venom tournament. It further describes the final table and the order in which players were eliminated, providing some details about their hands and strategies. Overall, the text provides a comprehensive summary of the tournament and presents the key highlights and statistics.

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    This text provides a summary of the sixth Venom PKO tournament and highlights the record-breaking prize won by Austrian player Amygdaluss. It also mentions the decline in attendance in the fall compared to the May event in the past two years. Additionally, it mentions the individual success of Amygdaluss and their history of participating in high-stakes tournaments. The text then goes on to provide details about the final table and the elimination of players. Overall, the text provides a comprehensive overview of the tournament and its outcomes.

  • This text provides a detailed summary of the sixth Venom PKO tournament and the final table results. It gives insight into the players, their strategies, and outcomes. The author seems knowledgeable about the poker world and the specific event discussed. The text could benefit from some editing for clarity and organization. Overall, it offers an interesting look into the dynamics of a high-stakes poker tournament.

  • This text provides a detailed account of the sixth Venom PKO tournament and the final table results, highlighting the winning player and their impressive prize money. It also gives insight into the gameplay and strategies of the various players at the table. The text is informative for readers interested in the world of high-stakes poker tournaments, but it may be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with poker terminology and the dynamics of tournament play. Overall, it offers a comprehensive look at the event and the participants involved.

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