“HIGHVOLTAGE” beats $138,000 High Roller event at KOSS.

“HIGHVOLTAGE” beats $138,000 High Roller event at...

Every player knows that Wednesday’s Suprema tournament is just as exciting as Sunday’s straight tournament. KOSS’s dominance on the felt in the world’s top division makes the competition even crazier.

“HIGHVOLTAGE” defeated 2,085 entries to earn $138,156 in Event No. 126: $550 NL Hold.

On the other hand, “FcGorgota” won the $3,000 NL Hold’em High Roller or Event 139. He joined 152 other players in winning R$ 92,841 in prize money after they all took part in the tournament.

Let me introduce you to the other winners:

Mystery R$150 No Limit Hold’em Tournament (1,141 entrants)

Prize: R$19,606 (I will pay)

$750 PL Omaha 5 Card Event #13​​0 (140 entrants)

Tempranillo . R$ 28,154

The $80 No Limit Hold’em Mystery Event is Event 123. (882 entrants)

JooDaBr0ca, you won R$ 7,920.

“HIGHVOLTAGE” beats $138,000 High Roller event at...

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