Simon Wiciak holds onto his spear and can’t miss EPT Barcelona 2023

Simon Wiciak holds onto his spear and can’t miss E...

Pokerstars European Poker Tour Barcelona The trophy from the Main Event was actually on display in Frenchman Simon Wiciak‘s cupboard for three days as he finished first in the tournament Named “Pokerstars Europe Category Poker Tour Barcelona” Day after day, Wiciak calculates the gains, which, given the realities of poker, are no more valuable than the chip lead he had at the start of the tournament. To achieve all this work, turn it into The long-awaited victory.Wiciak had to make a complex decision in the final hand of HU.

Joao Sydenstricker, whose chips were very close to the Frenchman, The opening QT was almost three blinds. Wiciak 3-bet with 56 clubs and after the flop of 952 made second pair, he called.

The Brazilian called and when he saw Wciak fold After calling the 4 on the turn, he began to bluff which led him to bet the pot on the river. The 9 was folded and Wiciak told his opponent that the showdown would not cost a penny more. However, Joao’s bluff was Two streets were planned.

Wiciak saved a few extensions for moments like this, which he took advantage of, and then made a great call to brilliantly end an equally remarkable game.

Ezequiel Waigel, who, short of tournament chips, tried to reraise Sydenstricker’s AK with A7; stalwartAndré Akkari , who one day had to lose some all-in bets; Santiago Plante, who was dealt to Wiciak on the river with a dominant queen, but then saw Carl Shaw take Down two of them, andShaw himself, he finally broke out for a brief moment and barely enjoyed Wiciak’s lead, but at least he held on long enough to be the one to tie the tournament at the end Part of a deal for three bonuses.

Behind Wiciak’s invincible exterior lie the doubts of a player who has just made the leap in his life.

“I felt a lot of different emotions. Even though it looked like I was in control and showing confidence in my moves, I was still alone. This was my first EPT main event. tournament. It all came together in the end, the victory, my people, all the work was done… I just wanted to scream!”.

EPT now heads to Cyprus, with the Mediterranean island hosting EPT for the first time from 11 to 22 October.

Simon Wiciak holds onto his spear and can’t miss E...

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  • Klein.arvilla

    This text appears to be a recap or summary of a poker tournament, specifically the Pokerstars European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event. It describes the final hand and the decisions made by the players involved, as well as the overall victory of the Frenchman, Simon Wiciak. The text also mentions the upcoming EPT event in Cyprus.

  • This text appears to be a recap of the Pokerstars European Poker Tour Barcelona, particularly focusing on Simon Wiciak’s victory in the Main Event. It describes the final hand and various players’ performances throughout the tournament. Additionally, it mentions that the EPT will be heading to Cyprus next.

  • The text is about a poker tournament in Barcelona where Frenchman Simon Wiciak emerged as the winner. It describes his final hand and decision-making process, as well as other players’ performances in the tournament. The author mentions Wiciak’s doubts and emotions throughout the tournament and announces the next destination for the European Poker Tour in Cyprus.

  • Bergnaum.brayan

    This text describes the thrilling final hand of the Pokerstars European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event, where Frenchman Simon Wiciak made a great call to win the tournament. The emotions of doubt and triumph experienced by Wiciak are vividly described, leading to a memorable victory.

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