‘The Great Codere’: $67,000 Flush Explosion

'The Great Codere': $67,000 Flush Explosion

The Codere Poker Series has become the poker hub of Mexico City. Play every day in two rooms where you can experience exciting activities like those that have been taking place in the facilities of the Royal Yak Hipódromo de las Américas in recent hours.

Raul Ríos was the lucky player starring in a hand that went viral and he won $67,650: Ríos won “El Gran Codere”, which he won via brutal A progressive jackpot won by a combination.

The Mexican player was sitting at a table with blinds 5/10 and entry amounts ranging from $400 to $2,000 when he raised When he got 5 3, he certainly couldn’t imagine how the hand would end.

Not to mention after the flop showed A 8 Q. However, a brilliant streak winner made a straight flush from Ace to 5 on the turn and river with a 4 and a 2 in a row, earning him the bonus.


Where can I find the Codere Poker Collection?

They currently operate in two casinos. The first is the Codere Meneo in Colonia Napoles, Mexico City: here there are 11 tables on the second floor, a place that was recently renovated after significant investments in player comfort.

On the other hand, the Codere Poker Series is also held at the Royal Yak Casino, located next to CDMX’s Hipódromo de las Américas. In this case, the investment is even greater, which is reflected in the quality and modernity of the tables, staff training, atmosphere and, of course, the capacity of the space for 70 tables, which makes it the largest poker room in the country.

What levels can you play?

At Codere Meneo you can find blind tables when playing Royal Find with a minimum buy-in of 800 MXN$, a maximum buy-in of 4,000 MXN$ and a minimum buy-in of 10/20 MXN$. Yak Casino TablesYou can play with blinds of MXN 5/$10, but buy-ins range from MXN 400 to MXN 2,000.

Always played in an 8-hand format, with two tables: No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha.

'The Great Codere': $67,000 Flush Explosion

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  • I think the text provides a detailed and informative overview of the Codere Poker Series in Mexico City, highlighting recent successful players and the facilities where the events take place. The mention of the two casino locations and the levels of play available adds context for interested poker enthusiasts.

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    The Codere Poker Series in Mexico City has become a popular poker destination, with exciting tournaments and events. The two casinos where you can play, Codere Meneo and Royal Yak Casino, offer a variety of tables and buy-in options for poker players of all levels.

  • This text highlights the popularity of the Codere Poker Series in Mexico City, with recent events attracting attention and significant prize money. The two locations where the series is held, Codere Meneo and Royal Yak Casino, offer a variety of blind levels and buy-in options for players interested in participating.

  • This text describes the popularity and excitement of the Codere Poker Series in Mexico City, highlighting a recent high stakes win by player Raul Rios. The series is held at two casinos, Codere Meneo and Royal Yak Casino, offering a range of blind tables and buy-in options for players of all levels.

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